47 Year-old Hot Grandma Reveals Her Secret Diet

A 47-year-old grandmother has stunned the world with her age-defying looks. Model Gina Stewart, from Gold Coast, shot to fame after beating girls half her age to the final for Miss Maxim Australia 2018

According to the model, who came 12th in the competition, and she has a number of beauty and health secrets that she swears by, looking her best is important for her as she reveals her diet.

Gina starts her day with eggs for breakfast, followed by rye cracker, cottage cheese and avocado for lunch.

For her evening meal, she has chooses from chicken, turkey mince or fish, with salad or beans, broccoli and sweet potato.

Speaking to the Daily Mail Australia, she said: “I’ve only been eating these foods for the past year or so and have shed 15kg with light exercise. When I was younger, I could eat as much as I wanted and never gained a pound. Much harder at this age for sure.”

Gina admits that she has only shaken up her diet in the past two years, and has noticed a “massive difference” in her appearance.

47 Year-old Hot Grandma Reveals Her Secret Diet

Although she aims to be healthy, she enjoys indulging in a small piece of sugar-free chocolate each day.

She also avoids coffee and alcohol and says this is “essential” to looking after herself, especially as her youngest child is four years old.

Single mum Gina has two daughters and two sons, who are 27, 25, 23 and four, and now also has a ten-month-old granddaughter too



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