Amnesty To Boko Haram Show Something Fishy Is Going On – Bishop Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto diocese, Matthew Kukah says amnesty granted to repentant Boko Haram members shows the government is privy to some information the public is not aware of yet.

Bishop Kukah, said this during a programme on Channels TV on Friday,  and according to him, the offer of amnesty shows the insurgent group has not been weakened as the military claimed.

“I think I was one of the first people to raise the issue of amnesty about five years ago, I know how much we were vilified,” he said.

“But I was pretty convinced about what I was saying that for me, if you mention the word amnesty, Nigerians think it simply means shaking hands and telling everybody to go home.

“If Boko Haram has been perceived to be as so weakened as it is, we would not be talking about negotiation. So clearly, those with superior information and superior knowledge – which is what government is all about – know something that the rest of us don’t.”

Kukah also faulted the list of alleged looters recently released by the federal government.
He described it as “uninspiring and diversionary”.

“From the last local government chairman, senator, president, governor; it would be nice to know one single politician who has run for office with what you call ‘hard-earned’ money,” he said.

“Corruption is not something that government fights, government might offer a lead, but it will get you to nowhere unless you have the buy-in of the people.”

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