Bloody Football: Referee Kills Football Over A Goal Issue

A football match between two clubs in Malawi turned bloody and the referee of the match facing murder charges after players allegedly forced him to kill a member of the opposing team.

According to reports, the event happened in Southern Malawi  and the match was between two local teams , Billiat FC and Chilengo FC, in the town of Thyolo on Wednesday, when Chilengo FC players refused to accept the referee’s decision to invalidate a goal. In the ensuing scuffle, the referee fled to a nearby house to avoid been beaten up but the players lit to smoke him out.

When the referee ran out of the burning building, reports say the players forced him to smack a Billiat FC player repeatedly with a stick. The player later died of his injuries in hospital according to district police spokesman Benjamin Foster.

“ The referee turned himself over … He is facing murder charges , ” he said .

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