Caught In Bed With A Married Woman – See What Was Done To A Journalist

A Zimbabwean journalist, caught in bed with a married woman got more than he bargained for from the angry mob. According to reports, the journalist identified as Clayton Masekesa, was forced to roll in the mud.

According to iHare report yesterday, Clayton, who works with Newsday newspapers, was allegedly caught at the home of Mutare City Football Club secretary general, Soul Tom, whose wife is believed to be his lover and in a now viral video, Masekesa was subjected to a military-style punishment, non-stop interrogation, being beaten, being made to display condoms, while he was all the while forced to roll in the mud.

A Lawyer, Miriam Majome said the “barbarism” in the videos is unacceptable. “Adultery is not a crime; so, there was nothing to report to the Police. There are civil remedies open to the husband such as adultery damages and divorce. This barbarism is unacceptable. Generally, the increasing lawlessness in this country is disappointing,” she tweeted.

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