Couple Who Lured Girl To Be Raped Arrested

A Zimbabwean woman who lured her 14-year-old neighbor with goodies so her husband could rape the girl have been arrested alongside her husband.

46 year old Mufaro Mukonowatsauka, reportedly persuaded the young girl to become her husband, Rodger Manera’s second wife in return for cooking oil, sugar, salt and body lotion.

Rusape district prosecutor Mr Tirivanhu Mutyasira told the court: “The accused persons are husband and wife and neighbours to the complainant. The complainant’s grandmother sent her to the accused persons’ homestead to collect cooking oil. The complainant found both the accused persons at home.

“Mukonowatsauka then started persuading the complainant to become her husband’s second wife and promised to give her cooking oil, sugar, salt, and body lotion if she accepts her proposal.

“The complainant agreed with Mukonowatsauka’s proposal and on October 14, 2015 visited the accused person’s homestead and found both at home. At that instance, Mukonowatsauka took a bucket to fetch water. She closed and locked the door from outside with Manera and the victim inside the room.”

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