Igbo youths Blast MASEP, Buhari’ll never hand over to an Igbo man even at gun point

A pan Igbo organization, Igbo Youths Initiative has described the newly formed Movement for the Actualization of Southeast Presidency(MASEP), who are campaigning for the re-election of president Muhammadu Buhari in 2019 on the ground that he would hand over to an Igbo person in 2023 as a political trading organization with the sole aim of trading with the political destiny of the Igbo.

According to the Founder/President of the youth group, Prince Alexander Ezeobi, the members of MASEP are either the most stupid people God has ever created or political jobbers who have sold their souls to the devil for money. He said whoever believes that Buhari would hand over power to an Igbo man going by his legendary of the Igbo is the world`s biggest fool.

According to him, it was in order to stop Dr Alex Ekwueme from succeeding president Shehu Shagari that the December, 1983 coup was staged and Buhari became the military head of state. He said because of Buhari’s hatred to the Igbo, after the coup, Alex Ekwueme who was the then vice president was put in prison, while Alhaji Shehu Shagari, the president was put under house arrest.

Prince Ezeobi said that as the chairman of Petroleum Trust Fund under General Sani Abacha,south east was totaled neglected by the agency that Buhari was superintendent. According to him, the members of MASEP are fully aware of President Buhari`s hatred of the Igbo nation but as association of conscienceless people ,they can sell birth right for money. He said how can Buhari who did not consider anybody from the southeast worth to be among the service chiefs, would in 2023 handover the executive president of the country to them. His words,

“If I have my way, any Igbo person that opens his or her mouth to campaign for Buhari’s re-election should be burnt at stake. This is a man who has made his hatred of people from the Igbo extraction a past time. When he came on board in 2015, he told the whole world that he would only appoint people he trust and in making the appointment he did not appoint any Igbo man or woman into any of his key offices.

Now, some people who love money more than their mothers are coming to tell us that Buhari who did not consider any Igbo man fit to be among the service chiefs would in 2023 hand over the president of the country to them. Whoever believes this can believe anything, however, I want to say without any fear of contradiction that Buhari would never handover to an igbo man even at gun point, Handing over power to an Igbo man would be the last thing that he would want to do here on earth.

So, don’t let anybody use that to deceive you. We as a people should reject him in 2019 because his re-election would be from frying pan to fire for the Igbo nation. We warned in 2015 but they thought that we were crying wolf where there is none .But I am glad that we have been vindicated We, again are warning that if there is anything that is worse than disaster, That is what would be awaiting Nigerians if this man is re-elected.”

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