Smokers Gather To Celebrate Annual Holiday Of Marijuana In The U.S

Stoners across the country and around the world have gathered to celebrate April 20, or 420 Day, the annual high holiday of marijuana.

Pot heads congregated on Friday in Colorado,Californiaand other states where the drug is legal to toke up in public for what is known as the ‘Christmasof weed’.

Today, April 20 means big business for dispensaries in the nine states, plus Washington DC, where recreational marijuana is now fully legal.

In California, it marked the first 420 Day since the state legalized recreational pot at the beginning of the year. Thousands gathered on ‘Hippy Hill’ in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park to celebrate 420 Day on Friday.

Marijuana smoke rises from a smoking crowd at a pro-pot ‘4/20’ celebration in front of the state capitol building in Denver, Colorado, on April 20.


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