Taking Revenge Is Okay – Akin Alabi

The owner of Nairabet, Akin Alabi says it is okay to take revenge on people who offend you without apologizing. Akin Alabi said this earlier today on twitter page and according to him, revenge doesn’t have to be violent, but as simple as a tweet. Akin Alabi wrote:

”When someone offends you and he doesn’t apologize, it’s okay to revenge. Don’t allow anyone guilt trip you into letting go. It will make you look weak and more and more people will try to take advantage of you. Revenge!

Sometimes, people won’t know they have offended you. You can point it out to them you don’t like what they did. Most times, they will apologize. If they don’t, then you can wait for the right time to revenge.

Revenge does not mean it has to be violent. Sometimes it can just be as simple as a tweet. The message is don’t let people see you as someone that can easily be roughened up. It’s not because you want to be wicked, it’s for others that are watching.

I know many people will say they will rather forgive. They say so not because they really want to forgive but because they are WEAK. So before you say you will forgive, check yourself. Is it that you are WEAK or you really want to forgive?

As one of my heroes, Donald Trump once said, when someone hits you, hit back 15 times harder. If you keep quiet, you are not being nice, you are just a schmuck.”

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