Timaya Blast Benin Politician, Implies He Is A Wife Beater

Nigerian music act, Timaya some days back took to his Instagram page to blast a Benin based politician, Eghosa Agnonifo who criticized his latest statement during his interview.

In the interview, Timaya said, men should not waste their time to get married, rather they should just have babies and move on.

Criticizing his statement Eghosa said, ‘I saw a suppose role model advising his friend to impregnate ladies and move on. Don’t be fooled a lot of people are going through a lot and disguise under celebrity status to hide their phobia. Be careful who you take advise from’.

Reacting to his criticism, Timaya took to his Instagram to blast him, implying that Eghosa is a wife beater. He said  ‘stop beating your wife and enjoy your marriage‘.

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