Women Should Use Sex As Weapon – Movie Director, Niyi Akinmolayan

Nigerian movie producer and director, Niyi Akinmolayan, says just as men use money and power as weapons, women should strive to use anything at their disposal, especially sex which he says is very powerful to get what they want in the society. Niyi said this while reacting to Reno Omokiri’s tweet in which he shamed evicted Big Brother housemates Teddy A and BamBam following their eviction from the Big Brother Naija house despite giving in to sex while in the house.

Read Reno’s tweet below;

“Even after having sex in the toilet, she got evicted. That is how satan deceives. Makes you think you can get the whole world if you bow to him. But after bowing, there’s no guarantee that the riches will manifest.”

According to Akinmolayan, who was brains behind the highest grossing Nigerian movie ‘Wedding Party 2’, men tend to get jealous, because they can’t use sex to bargain for anything that favours them.

In his words;

Lol…I think men are just jealous they can’t use sex to bargain for anything that favors them. I mean, who wants to dash Reno dollars or take him on a trip to Dubai because he has a penis. Is that why we are all so angry at women?

Sex is a biological human need. A great one for that matter. Allow women own their sex choices. Let them have sex with Who they want to, however they want it and wherever they want it. Don’t be a pathetic man calling out women for their sex choices when it’s obvious it takes two to do it.

Just as men use money and power as weapons, women should use whatever they have at their disposal and I think sex is the most powerful.
And women you don’t owe anyone explanations on what you do with yourself. JUST SUCCEED!!!. If Kim Kardashian was at that Eko Atlantic, Buhari will shake hands and take photos with her as well.

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