World Biggest Dome: Irukka Online Commend Dunamis Church

Irukka Online Limited, the representative of Wharfedale Pro, British most famous loudspeaker company in the UK has commended the General Overseer of Dunamis Church, Pastor Paul Enenche for building the biggest church in the world in Nigeria and giving them the opportunity to be part of the historical edifice.

Irukka Online limited installed the sound system in the 100,000 sitter capacity church which is the biggest in the world. According to the chairman of Irukka Online Limited, Ifeanyi Onwubiko, apart from bringing positive news to Nigeria, tens of thousands of Nigerians benefited from the world-class edifice.

He said that up till now, St. Peter Basilica in Rome was the biggest church in the world with a capacity of 60,000. Adding that based on that tourists were going there, thereby generating revenue for the country.
According to him, the location of the church in Nigeria has helped in the development of technology in the country since Irukka Online Limited had to up its game before it could power the dome. He said that apart from the spiritual side of the project, its economic side cannot be underestimated as a lot of families were liberated from poverty.

Onwubiko said that with the feat, other parts of the world would be coming to Nigeria to learn the technology that was displayed which is not in any other part of the world.

“I want to commend the General Overseer of Dunamis Church, Pastor Paul Enenche for the opportunity that was given to us to install the sound system in what is now the biggest church in the world. The challenge to power the sound system in the biggest hall in the world made us to go in and bring out our best and in the process made Nigeria proud because we learnt that many other sound companies both local and international were invited but they failed. We are very grateful for the opportunity. I also want to emphasize that the project helped a lot of families, including that of Irukka Online Limited to put food on their table.

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